What are the differences between this Barbershop and a Salon, or especially a Chain of Hair & Beauty Salon Franchises?

This Barbershop is independently owned and operated by two Master Barbers, with the owner's having a combined experience of over 50 years in the Barber industry. Each owner has an individual Master Barber license from the Maryland Barber Board and the shop has a Barbershop license. The Maryland Board of Barbers qualifies and licenses individuals seeking licensure and issues permits to business entities through which the trade of barbering is practiced.

A conventional Beauty Salon is overseen by the Maryland Board of Cosmetologists and generally does not completely have all Barbers and Master Barbers on staff or specifically a Barbershop License. A franchised hair salon is usually owned by a business investor that does not have to hold a hair license or have any training in the hair industry. A staff of part time to full time employees, including receptionists and other employees, usually the stylist is only required to be licensed, not the manager or owner. These places exist in such locations as Malls, Shopping Centers, and Department Stores where they hire newly trained cosmetologists and cannot always verify their training. They do not have the experience to give a customer recommendations on current mens barbering and beard styling, or provide proper education to the client.

Do you take appointments?

No, we do not take appointments, in order to service everyone promptly, consistently, and fairly. We are a first in, first to be served Barbershop. Feel free to request a particular Barber.

We only ask that you call ahead one hour in advance to request a full hot lather straight razor head or face shave, allowing for preparation time and staff availability.

You do not take appointments, how does that work, do I just walk in?

Yes, you walk in and wait for an open Barber. If you want to wait for a particular Barber, then you pass your turn in the queue and wait for that Barber to finish and you are next with them.

Feel free to call and ask about your preferred Barber's working schedule and availability.

What is the Straight Razor Shave Policy?

We ask that you call ahead to request a time for a full straight razor head or face shave, this allows us to prepare and set up the appropriate accommodations. We ask that you notify us of any medications such as, non-vitamin K oral anticoagulants (NOACs), or blood thinners.

Are you good with children?

Yes we are very good with children's haircuts, some barbers are more experienced in cutting children's hair than others. It is encouraged to ask for a barber that has the most experience and expertise in children's haircuts.

When is the best time to bring in my child?

Experience in cutting children's hair, with varying temperaments, patience and attention, prove that the earlier in the day the better, as children are better rested and not as in need of a nap or exhausted from the day. It is also recommended that the parent wait in the waiting area and let the child experience the haircut and allow the barber to work.

What if it is their first haircut?

We are happy to cut a child's hair for the first time, we offer a First Haircut Certificate and will provide a zip-lock bag to keep some hair as a memento. We take pride in offering you and your child a quality hair cutting experience.